Aims of the Conference

Every society has the right to progress. Each generation should be able to warrant better living conditions for the next generation by means of commitment and tenacity. Research, development and innovation constitute the starting point in order to achieve progress.

Regarding architecture, universities, practitioners and firms have developed a remarkable research activity over the years. But occasionally, society and public administrations do not have a clear perception of it as they do with other disciplines. Therefore, the aims of the first edition of the Valencia International Biennial of Research in Architecture are:

  • To place in the spotlight research in architecture as the indispensable mechanism in order to warrant progress in human habitat.
  • To underline the value of the research potential of architecture schools and faculties from all over the world so as to get the attention of those entities that can fund research.
  • To underline the value of architecture’s daily practice since most of the works require a previous research and many times the final product constitutes a research result in itself.
  • To underline the value of research in the business community which is much more than commercial possibilities of newly developed products and techniques.
  • To become a meeting point for those which develop their research in architecture or neighboring fields.
  • To highlight architecture’s multidisciplinarity as a melting pot of multiple approaches, points of view and expertise.
  • To become a platform for presentation and debate about studies, findings, novelties and contributions in architecture, encouraging many more to come.
  • To showcase researchers in different fields and with different expertise for specialized journals, firms and institutions.
  • To open new perspectives for architectural research and to promote the development of multidisciplinary and inter-university networks and research groups 

For all that, the Valencia International Biennial of Research in Architecture is open not only for architects, but also for engineers, scientists, economists, sociologists, philosophers, anthropologists, geographers, historians, artists, designers, critics, journalists, lawyers, politicians and any academic, practitioner, professional or student with a determination to develop research in architecture or related fields.